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#44: Is Your Money Personality Blocking You?

December 06, 2023 Nadine Zumot Season 1 Episode 44
The Money Healing Podcast
#44: Is Your Money Personality Blocking You?
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Do you find yourself stuck in emotional spending and debt cycles?

Do you promise yourself to be "better" next month, only to find yourself in a continuous hamster wheel of splurging, while all you want is to pay off debt,  save, and finally make some progress to have some peace of mind? 

Is your relationship with money riddled with shame, fear, anxiety, and guilt? 

Are you seeking to become the most aligned and empowered version of you that has no money fear and can manifest, and hold, all you desire? 

The answer to your financial success and empowerment is in your Money Archetypes!

The 8 Money Archetypes is such a powerful tool that can help you uncover your money personality, and your subconscious blocks, and set you up on the path of healing your money and scarcity wound so you can call in, and create the abundance you desire and so deserve! 

Head over to my website to take the free money archetype quiz, and tune into this juicy episode to learn more about your money personality and start your journey to becoming a badass money magician! 

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Speaker 1:

Hello, hello everyone, welcome back to the Money Healing Podcast. My name is Nadine Zarmott and I am a holistic money coach and a functional somatic practitioner, and I am so excited to share this episode with you today. This episode is specifically designed to help you better understand your money archetype quiz results and to help you uncover what exactly are your subconscious blocks with money. So, if you haven't already, go to my website, wwwsaveamillioncentscom and of course, the link is in the show notes and click on the money archetype quiz and go and do the quiz and wait for your results. They will get there instantaneously pretty much, and once you receive your results in your email, come back to this episode and let's dig in, let's see what these results mean. So throughout this episode, you are going to hear me referring to your archetypes as your different parts, or your sub-personalities, if you will, and that's because, when it comes to money and our relationship with abundance, I see how our beliefs and our behaviors, especially the subconscious ones, are connected to different parts of our psyche. There might be a part of you that believes that you are so worthy of abundance, yet there is another part that is terrified and can cause that self-sabotage. I also want to say that your money archetypes are not you and they are not fixed in stone. Your money archetypes are simply a reflection of your unresolved money wounds, which means they are a great way to pinpoint exactly what and where you remain stuck with your relationship with money and finances. They're like a shortcut when you understand deeply their implications, which is something that I can definitely help you with. But first step is always awareness. So once you get your archetype quiz results, this episode is going to help you with the first step. Your money archetypes are all a protective or a survival mechanism that you developed in childhood, between the ages of two and 12. And sometimes these protective behaviors are not created from incidents that are directly related to money. A lot of times, what I see with my clients is that, yes, sometimes it's because they had some financial issues growing up whether they had too little money or sometimes even too much money and that, yes, can actually create a wound, believe it or not. But when also something happens that threatens their sense of security or belonging or safety in general, that can affect our relationship with our worth, and then it trickles, or has this ripple effect, into our relationship with money and abundance and the key to overcoming your sabotaging or your shadow money archetypes is to heal them. There are three steps to healing your money archetypes. The first is a practical step, the second is emotional and the third is spiritual. And in my program create fulfilling abundance, or CFA for short, we will cover all three of these aspects the practical, the emotional and the spiritual. But you can definitely get started now on this podcast episode. So 90% of your financial decisions are actually emotional. That's why, when I do the healing work with money, that's why this whole podcast is geared towards the financial aspect of your relationship with money. So we begin healing our relationship with our money archetypes with the emotional part. Okay, don't forget, I'm going to show you my website to learn what your money personality is, or what your main money archetypes are. And the thing is, with these archetypes, they're not like your horoscope. You might be a Virgo or Leo or whatever. With these money archetypes, you are not simply one or the other. It's what is passive and active in your chart, and the dynamics between each archetype is actually how you can clearly decipher what's actually happening in your psyche when it comes to money. That's why so this episode is to help you uncover what exactly is blocking you. The next step is to understand how to remove these blocks. I can help you with that through joining my monthly workshops. Surprise From now on, every month we are going to get together for a live workshop so I can teach you a little bit more about your money archetypes and you can learn more, and through that you can accelerate your financial progress and you might even get a chance to receive a reading, a money archetype reading, from me. These are very personalized, they're quite intuitive and everybody just loves them and say that they're life-changing. So there you go. I would love to see you in our monthly live archetype workshops, and the link is in the show notes. All the links are always in the show notes Before we dive in. Of course, I would love to give credit where credit is due the creator of these eight money archetypes, deborah Price, who is my mentor, and she is the leader of the Money Coaching Institute. So thank you, deborah, for paving the way for us. Alrighty, so we have eight money archetypes, and I always like to start with the innocent archetype. We all have this archetype to varying degrees. When you have the innocent archetype, it means that you are leading your finances from your wounded inner child. That is a question that we ask in CFA all the time. How old is your financial manager? Because sometimes you are leading your finances from your wounded six-year-old or your seven-year-old and that part of you is a wounded inner child. It is scared and, of course, it feels overwhelmed when it comes to finances and just the mere idea of money. So when you are leading from the innocent archetype, you might find yourself being a voidant of money or you dissociate from money completely and you have this belief that money is the thing for grownups and it's hard to imagine that you are now the grownup and you are now the one that is in charge of your finances. In addition to that, you might also find yourself being indecisive, overwhelmed, scared of losing everything. Every time you pay a bill, even when your actual finances don't reflect that, you have this overwhelming fear and feeling that if you pay that bill or if you go a little bit over, you might end up losing everything, and you might end up losing everything that you have built. So money just freaks you out, plain and simple. So that is how it looks like when you have the money archetype in your chart in an active way. So your blog is actually that you are leading your finances from your wounded inner child. The next archetype is the victim. The victim archetype is when you lead from that victim archetype your blog is typically your attachment to your past, your past stories, your past traumas, maybe even ancestral trauma, and it could be this trauma could be directly related to finances and money, or it could not be in an obvious way. It could be related to another incident or circumstance that threatened you or your ancestor's sense of worth, safety, security and even belonging. Okay, so that all has a ripple effect on your relationship with money and abundance as an adult. So when we are subconsciously leading from this victim archetype, we tend to play the blame game. We blame others for what we don't like about our lives. We blame others for what we don't like about life in general. We blame the broken system. We remain stuck in old stories that are, of course, valid, but they need healing and it is in this healing process where you actually go in and you reclaim your power and ownership of your life so you can start seeing some amazing financial progress and you can start making a change, making a real change in what matters for you in life. Next is the Warrior archetype. If you are leading from the energy of the Warrior archetype, if you have that archetype active in your TART, that's a great thing. I love that for you, congratulations. There is a but, though I'll get to that in a second. So the Warrior archetype is, or the Warrior Money personality is what we work on strengthening inside of the of my program CFA, and we do that for an entire phase. So the second phase of my six month program of CFA is called Empower and it's dedicated to actually making that money archetype, the Warrior archetype, stronger. So when we lead from that Warrior like why do we wanna make it stronger? Cause it's great when we lead from that Warrior energy, you are leading from a place of intention, a place of discipline, a place of calculation, a place of financial savviness. Money doesn't scare you because you have a strong and flexible system in place. You understand financial concepts and you adapt them. You don't just take them and, like you know, follow them to a T. You take them, you understand them deeply and then you adapt them and you apply them in a way that empowers you, a way that is like flowy with your lifestyle, with your unique personality, with your values and your purpose. Okay, because you need that. You need that little ebb and flow in your relationship with money. And the thing is, when you have a strong Warrior, it needs to be balanced by a strong magician. So when you're leading from the Warrior, that's great. You are very resourceful, you trust in yourself, trust in your resources, you understand finances, you're not scared of money. You even make good money and you know what to do with it. You're very balanced. However, if you have a strong Warrior but you don't have a strong magician archetype, your Warrior is going to fall into a shadow money archetype. So the Warrior archetype has two shadows the Tyrant or the Martyr. Okay, the Martyr, like I said, the shadow side of the Warrior is, you know, when you have that, your stuckness, essentially with money. It boils down to your selflessness. Okay, it's good to be giving, but when you're leading from the energy of the Martyr, you remain stuck with your finances and you don't see financial progress because you tend to be over giving. You have some people pleasing tendencies and again, please don't feel like I'm shaming you. I am saying this to help you. I'm saying this to give you a shortcut to why you're stuck. If you have the Martyr archetype and what I often see with my clients and even with myself, is that when we are given too much responsibility in childhood, when we were in charge of, like you know, like we were our parents' therapist or support, you know when we supported our parents emotionally or when we, like, babysat our siblings when we were children ourselves, when we are told that you need to be selfless, or maybe you're the eldest child and you internalize this belief that you have to take care of everyone, we actually grow up with this money archetype, the Martyr archetype. That is very strong. So we end up over giving and we put everyone before us and we end up seeking love and validation and appreciation from outside of us. Okay, we give so much love away that we just deplete our reserve of love and we start looking outside of us to receive love. Okay, and when we don't receive it, we become really resentful and we become over giving and we get stuck financially because what we are unconsciously telling the universe when we're over giving is that I'm not important. So when you know, when we are over givers like from a practical perspective we become overly generous and, again, overly giving. Maybe we give a lot of our energy and our time and our money to people. Maybe we buy people extravagant gifts Even if they're not their birthday. It's not their birthday. We just like over give in gifts. We loan people money without seeing it back. We just over exert ourselves energetically and emotionally and that can put us in financial or emotional debt to ourselves. Okay. So again on a spiritual level, like that, you know, on a practical level it's obviously, you know we were depleted, we're tired, we're over giving, so we come home, for example, and we can't cook, so we order in. So we sometimes over give and we buy extravagant presents, like I mentioned, so that can put us into financial debt. So that is a very obvious way of how it can set us back. But also on a spiritual level, it makes us resistant to receiving. It becomes very difficult for us to be open to abundance, as that martyr archetype because of our unbalanced over giving energy. The next archetype is the tyrant. So with the tyrant you are often stuck because of your money obsession. I used to be like that and this is created because we derive our sense of safety and our sense of worth from how much money we have in the bank or how much money we make Okay, and what also keeps us stuck is how critical and harsh we are with ourselves when we lead from that tyrant archetype. Okay, so that keeps us stuck from enjoying life, that keeps us stuck from receiving flow and that keeps us in like this obsession kind of like in our minds. So we are not present in the moment with our loved ones, we're not present in our bodies and we are not leading from that magician, because we will get to that in a minute. The magician archetype is the manifestor and the tyrant archetype is like the controller. Okay, so we're like not open to magic, we just want to control everything. And it's because we're afraid. Okay, so it's also. It could also be the reason why you and your partner keep fighting about money. And the thing is, the tyrant archetype is a bit tricky because, even if it appears passive in your chart, it can flare up in certain situations where or like sometimes, if the number in your bank account, like goes under a certain you know, under the your comfort level, like, let's say, your comfort level is like $100 or like $300, whatever, sometimes $10,000. And then your tyrant archetype might flare up because when you go under that certain amount of money, you go into survival. So the way to protect yourself from, like your fear of, you know, ending up homeless or ending up in trouble is through becoming this like money hoarder, for example. Yeah, it stops you from enjoying life, it stops you from investing in yourself and it stops you from going for it. It stops you from, like, taking that trip with your mother. It stops you from doing things, because oftentimes when we have that tyrant, we do have money, but we're just scared of spending it. Um, so, basically, the tyrant is an overactive warrior, because the warrior is the financially savvy part of you and then you become too financially savvy and too obsessed and not balanced with a strong magician. That's what happens. Okay, the next archetype is the fool. Oh my god, the fool. The fool is the most common archetype that I see. The fool is the part of you that loves a good time, that part of you that loves to spend money, the part of you that loves to be in the moment and never sticks to their financial plan. It's the happy go lucky part of you that is undisciplined and even sometimes a bit out of control. You probably develop this archetype because you had some difficult moments or difficult emotions in childhood that are yet to be resolved. So, as a protective mechanism, what happens when you're feeling sad or low, you tend to self soothe using money through shopping, through eating out, through treating yourself, to cheer yourself up, and that might mean you go into debt. Okay, so when you have that fool, you are stuck financially because you are somewhat impulsive and you use money as a coping mechanism and that's why all the budgets you try keep failing. Or sometimes, when you're on a budget, you keep making things worse for yourself. Because when we use money or shopping as a coping mechanism, the last thing I will tell you if I were your coach is to stop. We need to heal what you are trying to get away from and then, um, that you know the, the, the usage of money or shopping or eating out as a coping mechanism will fall out, will fall off on its own. But we need to go to the root, because if we don't go to the root and we take away your coping mechanism, you're just going to find something else to cope through. Okay, so when you are stuck in that full archetype, you are impulsive, you are undisciplined, and again and again and again I'm going to keep telling you it's not because you need discipline. It's not because you need a better budget, it's because you need to do money healing. All right, so you might find yourself in debt or even in a situation where you win, you're making good money, but you're unable to save. It's like you're slipping it's money just slips through your fingertips pretty much. You know, as what I keep hearing like money keeps slipping through my fingertips. I doubled my, I doubled my income, but my my debt has doubled as well. Or like I paid off all my debts through discipline and I held myself together for like, however, long time and I paid it all off, but now I'm back in debt, even though I have more money. So that is pretty much the symptoms of people that have that full archetype. The next archetype is the creator artist, and that is archetype number seven. It is a good archetype to have. We need we all need a dash of that creator artist archetype, because it's the part of you that's artistic, it's a part of you that's creative. But too much of this archetype can keep you stuck financially because you become detached from money. Okay, so with this creator artist archetype, what I often see is that you have difficulty pricing your services. You have difficulty asking for a raise, you have difficulty asking for money that is owed, you have difficulty even marketing yourself. So your block lies in that love hate relationship with money, where you need money to survive and thrive and yet you don't want to be part of the. The problem, right, like you feel, like you don't want to be called greedy or you don't want to be called materialistic. So money makes you uncomfortable, so you try to avoid talking about it and you even sometimes avoid wanting things. You know, you pretend like you don't want things, you pretend you're a minimalist, and that is the creator artist at play. The very last and yet most important archetype is the magician. So the magician archetype is your higher self. Okay, it's basically your higher self. It is how you mix your spirituality with your finances. It is that all knowing, wise, patient part of you that is balanced, calm. I'm gonna say patient again, because a lot of time we were so impulsive with money. Your Magician is patient, your calm, passionate and compassionate and knows how to manifest whatever you want. Because what I see is this we are all natural manifesters, but what blocks us from manifesting abundance, from what blocks us from the, the abundance that we Desire and also, yeah, deserve is our money blocks, our money wounds. When we become blocked and when we lead from our Money archetypes that are wounded, that still hold unresolved trauma, that is when we block abundance, okay. So I imagine the magician archetype is standing there, so open, so ready to receive, and yet our wounded Archetypes are standing in the way because they need attention, they need healing. Okay, and that's why I will always and always tell you you begin your journey with money by healing your money wounds, because there is a big difference between manifesting from your shadow archetypes versus manifesting from your magician. The magician is the leading energy of your life. It's the part of you that is the great manifestor. It's connected with the, with your soul. It's connected with your purpose. It's connected with the universe. It's like generous, powerful, patient, aligned and open to flow, and it's the part of you that will never, ever question your worth. We all have that part. It's not a part that we, you know. We don't have to develop that part. We just have to heal the unresolved money wounds around it so that it can shine, so that you can lead from it. Okay, so when we are leading from our money wounds, we act from a place of scarcity and fear. So how do you know if you're not leading from that magician archetype? If you're leading from a place of scarcity and fear, know that you are leading from a money wound, from a shadow money archetype, and when those are healed, the magician will rise and then you become your natural self, a powerful manifester, open to abundance and flow. Okay, the magician archetypes you know, the magician archetype is the part of you that sets the intention and does that spiritual work, but then the warrior is the part of you that comes in and does the practical work for you. So it's a collaboration of both To make things happen in your life. It's that balance between the Yin and the Yang of money, the magic and the logic, the structure and the flow. It's like the warrior is the structure, it's the riverbank, it's the riverbed, but the magician is the water that is flowing and running through the river. You, we can't, you can't have one without the other. It's a balancing act and it's the secret of being successful with money. Learning financial strategies and all these financial education is important, but learning financial strategies always comes after the emotional work and learning how to manifest money comes after the strategy work, because we heal our emotions with money and then we create financial structures and then from like, from balance obviously not from rigidity and then we learn how to do that manifestation works because we need a strong, stable yet flexible structure to hold in our abundance and manifestations. That is exactly why CFA is broken down into phase one heal. Phase two, empower. Phase three create and manifest. So this is Basically what your money archetype results mean. If you want a deeper understanding and if you want a chance to receive a money archetype reading from me, come and join us in our monthly Money archetype workshops. The link is in the bio. These workshops happen once a month, they happen live and they will be recorded. However, like it's good for you to be live because, like I said, it's not like you're one archetype or the other you need to understand the dynamics between these architects, I types. So go and take the money quiz in my website anytime. You know a lot of my clients like to take it multiple times because it's a tangible way to track their financial progress. Send the money archetype quiz to your friends. Send a link to this episode to your friends so that you can compare and make this money thing fun and playful. Okay, and again, come and join us. There is also a PDF like. If you would like to receive a PDF with everything that I said in here and what each archetype is and what are the main characteristics, and also receive some journal journaling questions. There is a link in the show notes where you can receive this PDF. Okay, I will love you and leave you for now. I hope you are. I hope you love this episode. I love creating it for you and I hope to see you inside a money archetype workshop. Bye for now. You.

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