The Money Healing Podcast

#24: The Secret to Living Deliciously

June 28, 2023 Nadine Zumot
The Money Healing Podcast
#24: The Secret to Living Deliciously
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Imagine effortlessly saving thousands of dollars, just by aligning your finances with your values. Sounds too good to be true? 

Listen in as I reveal how I managed to save $26,000 in a mere seven months without scrimping and saving, simply by understanding and embracing my core values. In this episode, we will explore how consulting your subconscious can help you uncover your true values, and discuss the life-changing impact that making room for them can have on your overall well-being.

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Speaker 1:

Hello, hello and welcome back to the Money Healing Podcast. I am your host, nadine Zarmott, sitting here in my backyard in the desert in New Mexico. It's a beautiful summer afternoon on a Saturday and in the background you might be hearing the birds chirping, the wind chimes Arby chasing something. I just had a lovely yummy sandwich and I was just feeling so good. I got this hit of inspiration to record this podcast episode for you just to talk about something that's been on my heart and on my mind. It is in response to something that I was chatting to somebody on Instagram about, which is our values. What I was telling my friend was that if you want to live life deliciously, if you want to feel so good and so aligned and so in tune with life where every single day feels like you're in a state of this delicious, yummy flow, then make sure that what you do, who you see, what you eat and what you spend your time and energy thinking about is in an energetic match to your values. When you know your values, when you understand yourself and see your life through their lens, life becomes more full and more intentional. Your values ground you. When you are clear on your values, you will no longer be swept away willy-nilly. If you're a ship sailing on the rocky sea of life, then your values are your anchors. When I discovered this deceptively simple fact, i ended up saving $26,000 in the space of seven months, and it was such an effortless way of saving money. It just happened. I actually talked more about this in the very beginning of my podcast journey. I believe it was episode five or six. It's a really good episode. If you've not listened to it yet, i highly recommend that you do. But don't get confused. It was back when this podcast was called Beyond the Fear. I talk about how I saved $26,000 in the space of seven months without needing to eat beans on toast every day. It was really. It happens so effortlessly, so easily, without the need to scrimp and save. Your values are so important. When you find yourself feeling uncomfortable or like something in your life is out of flow, i would always say consult with your values, go back to your roots, go back to your foundations. When you feel burnt out, when you feel exhausted, ask yourself if you have been spending time and energy doing things that are in alignment with your values, Because when you don't, you will feel it, you will know You'll feel burnt out and you'll feel like life is just a drag. Typically, to locate your values, you will be shown a list of words and you will ask to choose a few words that you believe are your values. I remember when I was first introduced to this concept about, i think, 13 years ago it was my therapist at the time that showed me a long list of words and asked me to choose the words that I thought were my values. What I did back then, and what I typically see people do, is that we choose words we think are our values or the words that we aspire to have as our values. What this means is that we choose what we think would be a good value for us and not what is within our very deep psyche and unconscious. What happens when we do that? When we choose words instead of consulting our subconscious and consulting our purpose, we end up aligning our time, our money and our energy and all that stuff with something that is not authentic to us, and we continue to feel drained. We feel burnt out, like we're living life in a passive way. Personally, when I first started my journey as a coach, i decided to change that, so I designed this exercise that I've polished, let's say, throughout the years, where I help clients locate their values through answering a series of questions that I designed in a specific way to fire up their subconscious. From those answers. We then take the answers and extract their values and the energy and the essence of their life's purpose. Do you know me? I love talking about purpose, so I love that exercise And it's a really good transformative exercise. My clients love it. I usually use it with my one-on-one clients, but I have been guided to share this inside my new program, create Fulfilling Abundance, which is, if you haven't heard, i have a new group coaching program that is going to start up in a few weeks. I've been working on the curriculum, actually, and may I just say fucking wow. I am so excited about creating this. I'm so excited about sharing it with the world. It's pretty much my life's work And I will be teaching you how to use the exact blueprint that I use to heal my debilitating scarcity wound. We'll also be diving into nervous system healing and nervous system repair work and money healing So you can start co-creating or manifesting with the universe from a healed place, not from a place of fear, doubt and attachment. So if your soul is like oh my God, nadine, i really want to be in that. I really want to learn more about this. Just go on the show notes. There will be a link for you over there to learn more and maybe get on the waitlist. So back to values. I do believe that our values are pretty essential for our well-being. Finding your values through working with your subconscious is not enough, though. So that's the first step Extracting your values through working with your subconscious But the next step is very important You must make room for them. You must become intentional about honoring them through your resources, which is your time, your energy and your money and your space, actually. So usually, when I walk people through my money healing blueprint which we will be doing in create fulfilling abundance we start with money healing. After that, i will help you organize your finances using my bucket system, and then from there, i will guide you to start aligning your finances with your values and your life purpose. Aligning your finances with your values is a surefire way to start shifting your relationship with money In the most loving way. You will be telling your money what you want it to facilitate for you. In a nutshell, i encourage you to find your values, make room for them in your life and ditch the rest. Your money serves you. It is meant to enhance your life and facilitate your goals and life objectives. You're not the one who serves money. It is your friend, your mate, that hangs out with you to help you out when you need it to, and not the other way around. You don't serve money. Money is there to help you. So when you are intentionally aligning your values with your finances, with your values, your bills, your rent and your other obligations can, they can definitely start falling within the categories of your values. So when I say, when I talk about it this way, i don't mean like oh my God, ditch the rest and live in this like cloud nine and like forget reality. You know, i'm not airy fairy like that. I am a Virgo, i used to be an accountant And, yes, i am deeply spiritual and I love combining the you know, the 3D world with whatever you want to call 5D, 60, whatever world. So like the spirituality with the practical part. So when we are talking about this, we can mold your obligations, your real life obligations, to fall within the category of your values. So, for example, one of my values is adventure, and therefore our money plan is not called a budget. And it's not a budget, it's a money plan. And I love spreadsheet, so our spreadsheet is actually called our wild and awesome life to honor the value of adventure. Also, every single one of my spending categories or bucket has been renamed to honor one of my top four values. This way, every time a rent is paid, instead of feeling like, oh, money is leaving, i feel like my values are being honored. Every time I pay my coach, i feel like through my money, i am celebrating what I value, which is growth and evolution. Instead of freaking out of the grocery store, i am now excited because, through my food choices, i am prioritizing one of my values, which is health. It just makes things so much more yummier for me to know that every dollar I earn and spend is in alignment with my values. And here's another thing about being mindful of your values. Knowing your values will also enhance your sense of well-being and belonging and connection. When you live in a place and you are surrounded with people who share the same values as you, you automatically feel happier and safer. You will have a sense of belonging like no other And, if anything, your nervous system loves safety, and it's only when you feel viscerally safe, meaning when you are feeling safe on a nervous system level. That is when you step out of survival and begin to thrive. And a thriving, safe and connected nervous system will open up the doors to abundance and prosperity. How do I know this? I know this because this has been my experience. All right, everybody, i am going to go back to just relaxing. I might just hang the hammock and read my book while I enjoy this beautiful weather before it gets too hot over here. I am going to love you and leave you at this point. Please reach out if you have any questions and feel free to share this podcast if you're finding that it's starting to help you shift and change your relationship with money. Share it with your friends, share it with your audience. Whoever needs to hear the message that's being shared on the air, we'll hear it through sharing, through community. So I love you and leave you, and I will see you next time. Bye for now.

Aligning Your Finances With Your Values
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