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#18: Traveling Through Europe on a Shoestring Budget w/ Kayla Smith

May 03, 2023 Nadine Zumot Season 1 Episode 18
The Money Healing Podcast
#18: Traveling Through Europe on a Shoestring Budget w/ Kayla Smith
Show Notes

You know what? I think we all need to hear a fun, cheerful, and uplifting story from time to time.

In this week's episode, I interview a personal friend of mine, Kayla Smith. 

Kayla shares her story about traveling across Europe, but what makes this story so special is that Kayla was born and raised in rural Mississippi, where the idea of traveling outside the State, let alone the country, was unheard of! Where "people like her" never owned a passport!

Kayla used her imagination and tenacity and did the unthinkable! She went from being a college grad, who never had a job or professional experience, to landing a job in ITALY! And she made that happen just through sheer determination and persistence! Kayla also recently quit her job to travel Europe full-time for 6+ months in 2022.

This story is such a treat! Kayla's sweet, kindhearted nature is surely going to make your heart smile, and her determination will reignite that fire under your arse to go after whatever it is that you want, and make it happen for you!

Episode highlights: 

  • How Kayla went from being fresh out of college, never having a job or professional experience 21- year old, to landing a job in ITALY!
  • How having emotional support and encouragement from your family can be more important than financial support. 
  • How Kayla was stubborn about her goals but flexible with her methods! She kept her eye on the prize, regardless of the crazy obstacles that came in her way. 
  • How she healed her burnout and reconnected with what sets her Soul on fire through solo travel. 
  • Tips that she shared for women who desire to travel alone. 
  • (this is my favorite!) How she inspired her mother to also become a pattern breaker, rule breaker, and soul shaker, to get a passport, and join Kayla for parts of her European trip, creating "pinch me, is this freaking real!!" moments and memories with her mother. 

I hope you love this episode as much as I do!

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