The Money Healing Podcast

#15: Weathering Financial Uncertainty

April 17, 2023 Nadine Zumot Season 1 Episode 15
The Money Healing Podcast
#15: Weathering Financial Uncertainty
Show Notes

How do you build financial resilience no matter what's going on around around you? 
And how do you weather the ups and downs of life and any financial curveballs that get thrown in your way?

And can you even create your OWN unique version of “financial stability” ? ... one that is aligned with your values and the lifestyle you want for yourself?  What if you want to break free from the mold, surpassing the formulaic, text book approach to "this is how you build a secure lifestyle" that you find every where you look? 

How do you feel secure with your finances regardless of what’s going on in your reality. 

Grab your notebook, your favorite tea and dive into this week's podcast to craft the  stability you crave, using my holistic, no BS prompts and perspective as a fellow rebel/ changemaker/ kickass creative! 

What I cover:

  • A hard truth that you, as a heart and Soul led creative, will have to face time and time again throughout your life, and how to navigate it. 

  • What the financial services industry, and the financial wellness industry, as well as all these manifestation-themed programs, are absolutely LACKING.

  • I offer instead what a comprehensive, thorough view of your finances should look like.

  • What are your main money categories, and how to look at each of them to start building serious financial security no matter how nomadic, chaotic (in a good way) or adventurous you want your life to be. 

  • The main factors that impact your relationship with money and what to look out for. 

And here's the program I refer to in the episode: The Money Sanctuary

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