The Money Healing Podcast

#13: Boost Financial Empowerment through Your Nervous System

March 31, 2023 Nadine Zumot Season 1 Episode 13
The Money Healing Podcast
#13: Boost Financial Empowerment through Your Nervous System
Show Notes

Have you ever promised yourself to curb your spending so you can save for a trip or for your dream house, only to find yourself constantly spending money in mindless ways, then deeply regretting your choices and feeling like crap afterwards... Only to repeat this pattern over and over again?

Are you someone who is due a raise at work, but cannot muster up the courage to speak up and ask for what you want and deserve?

This episode is a great way to better understand how your PHYSIOLOGY and nervous system can impact your financial habits and behaviors, and vice versa! 

In this episode you will learn:

  • How your nervous system works and responds to money. 
  • How your conditioning and core beliefs can impact your nervous system, which in turn, impacts your financial behaviors!
  • How your sabotaging behaviors with money actually manifest.
  • How to identify the state of your nervous system
  • How to bring yourself back to regulation in money situations, which will enable you to save money, ask for the raise you are so worthy of, and spend in alignment mindfully and in alignment with your goals and values. 

Book a Clarity Session if you need my help with understanding how your nervous system responds to money, and to learn how to self- regulate so you can build financial empowerment and confidence to attain your heart's desires!

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