The Money Healing Podcast

#14: Release Limiting Patterns. Find Peace, Joy, & Alignment with with Leigh Ann Lindsey

April 06, 2023 Nadine Zumot Season 1 Episode 14
The Money Healing Podcast
#14: Release Limiting Patterns. Find Peace, Joy, & Alignment with with Leigh Ann Lindsey
Show Notes

In this rich interview, Leigh Ann Lindsey openly shares her journey with healing from breast cancer at the age of 24, and healing her money wounds that were rooted in deep grief and religious trauma and sexual abuse. 

We also covered: 

  • The power of EVOX, a technology that helped Leigh Ann dig out the underlying emotional component of her cancer,  and how she embraced it as a way to help others heal. 
  • Why talk therapy can sometimes feel like an endless journey.
  • How Leigh Ann’s grief wound and religious trauma impacted her finances, and her journey with money-healing.
  • How if left unaddressed, a single core wound can manifest & fester itself into a series of patterns that can spread across many aspects of your life. 
  • The link between money and the nervous system and our default stress states. 
  • How your core wounds is associated with a core nervous system stress response. 
  • The importance of identifying core wounds when trying to break any pattern or habit.
  • How identifying your main nervous system stress response is key to doing NS repair work.
  • How your nervous system Window of Tolerance works. 

And we also share some really simple techniques you can adopt today to bring yourself out of nervous system dysregulation, and some books that can help support you on your healing journey. 

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Leigh Ann is a Natural Wellness Practitioner, EVOX Practitioner, and Flower Essence Specialist. She helps clients break free from emotional and/or behavioral patterns so that they may live their most joyful, peaceful, authentic lives. She plays the detective, sifting through and helping clients release protective programming, repressed emotions, and personal/generational trauma. Her root cause approach blends a variety of modalities including EVOX Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, Nervous System Support, & Flower Essences. 

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