The Money Healing Podcast

#11: Building Wealth & Finding Freedom Starts with Inner Child Healing- with Gloria Zhang

February 16, 2023 Nadine Zumot Season 1 Episode 11
The Money Healing Podcast
#11: Building Wealth & Finding Freedom Starts with Inner Child Healing- with Gloria Zhang
Show Notes

Your Unmet Childhood Needs Will Show Up in Your Finances!!! 

This is such a rich + fun episode that I am sure you will enjoy!! 

In this episode, we cover a wide variety of topics that range from inner child healing, building wealth, what life looks like after trauma healing and how aligning with our life purpose is simpler than we think! 

Here’s a quick look at what we covered:

  • What is the “inner child” and what does it have to do with money??
  • How your attachment wounds show up in your relationship with money.
  • What is trauma? How this word can be overused and what it really means.
  • What triggers your core wounds?
  • How to build radical self love + trust.
  • How going through the effort of healing money wounds from their roots can build wealth and create a ripple effect on your community.
  • Navigating coping, defense mechanisms: The positive sides of being “insecurely attached” and how you can leverage your coping mechanisms.
  • How money can amplify your attachment wounds.
  • How more money can trigger your attachment wounds, and why making more money can make things worse instead of better!!
  • The telltale signs of money wounds. 
  • Why even heal trauma?? What does life look like after trauma healing?

... And how living in alignment with your life purpose can be done through the simplest  things, and does not require having a fancy business with thousands of followers! 

Gloria Zhang (@bygloriazhang) is a quirky and relatable Inner Child & Relationship Coach based out of Canada, known for the wildly successful top-charting The Inner Child Podcast. Gloria helps High Achievers from difficult childhoods become  their best selves and master the art of secure relationships.

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& once Gloria’s book is published I will link it on here!!


Gloria's Top 100 Podcast: The Inner Child Podcast
Gloria + Nadine on the Inner Child Podcast

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