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#9: Are Your Money Wounds Blocking Your Creativity? with Chelidha Keller

January 26, 2023 Nadine Zumot Season 1 Episode 9
The Money Healing Podcast
#9: Are Your Money Wounds Blocking Your Creativity? with Chelidha Keller
Show Notes

Do you feel creatively blocked? Do you feel like your true, authentic self is being held back? Do you subconsciously stay small to stay safe? 

You’re not alone! 

Creativity and intuition can only be accessed through present moment awareness. But what do you do when your present is cluttered by your past? 

In today's episode, Chelidha Keller openly talks about her trauma healing journey. 

Chelidha shares her heartfelt experience with healing money trauma that spanned for generations within her lineage, breaking relentless debt cycles, and opening up her direct channel to her life’s purpose within 10 months inside The Holistic Money Healing Journey, which is my 1:1 program.

However, it did not stop there. Chelidha's money wounds trickled over onto her relationship with herself, tainting her creative instincts, her authenticity, and even her life purpose!)

Ten months after she started working with me on healing her money trauma, (and yes it can take this long, or even longer to heal money trauma!) Chelidha was able to pay off a tremendous amount of debt and is now living her dream life! 

Chelidha is now debt free and embracing life as a stay at home mom caring for her 3 wonderful children, and busy writing her very first novel!! 

This is a beautiful story of hope, bravery and reclamation on the Soul level.  

Episode Highlights:

  • How your money wounds can block you from feeling confident in yourself, your creativity and how you go about life! 
  • How money trauma can manifest as debt cycles and the avoidance of looking at our finances (Financial avoidance). 
  • How the Money Bio, which is an exercise I do with my 1:1 clients, was a pivotal point in Chelidha’s life. 
  • Even though the Journey was hard at times, it was totally worth it because she grew and healed on a Soul level which has trickled over in positive ways into every part of her life. 
  • How The Holistic Money Healing Journey and having a coach and guide she trusts and feels safe with, helped her break decades of generational money trauma in just 10 months of 1:1 coaching. 
  • Life after trauma feels so different! Ability to experience pleasure, present moment awareness, embracing the healed feminine, and being turned on by the simple pleasures of life!

I will update the show notes with a link to Chelidha's new book once it's ready!



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