The Money Healing Podcast

#8: A Budget Will Not Heal Your Money Wounds with Hera Zee

January 19, 2023 Nadine Zumot Season 1 Episode 8
The Money Healing Podcast
#8: A Budget Will Not Heal Your Money Wounds with Hera Zee
Show Notes

Mainstream approach to personal finance teaches linear, step-by-step formulas based in repression + discipline. 

However, a budget will not heal your money wounds. 

When money triggers your wounds around worth, belonging, receiving, abandonment, then you will need a very  different approach. 

So how do you know if you need to go deeper than mindset work into the inner realms of healing your money wounds?

In this episode,  Hera Zee, Marketing and Sales Strategist, interviews me on:

  • How healing and evolution on a Soul level are non-linear and multi-layered. 

  • My journey as an entrepreneur, going from financial coaching to the deeper transformative work of money healing, and how I recognized that my clients required going deeper than budgets, financial literacy, and money mindset work to achieve the life-changing transformations they are after.

  • A step by step approach if you are someone who is scared to even start your money healing journey, & what you can do if you cannot follow through on the knowledge you have in your head, or if you find yourself falling off your budget over and over again.

  • And how to balance form with flow, and how money can be used as a healing portal when approached from a trauma-informed lens. 

  • What inspired to me create The Money Sanctuary, a platform where I teach artists, healers, intuitives and those who are heart-led how to balance flow with form when it comes to their finances.

  • And my philosophy on creating a healthy relationship with money which is  based on teaching my clients the rules so they can choose to break them or mold them into what is right FOR THEM!

I hope you love this episode! 

Learn more about The Money Sanctuary by visiting my website. 


Hera Zee is a Sales + Marketing Strategist for Online Entrepreneurs who want to structure their business for profit, sustainability + growth...minus the hype + fluff we've ALL seen on social media + grown tired of!

For the past decade, Hera has been behind the scenes of thousands of businesses, generating millions of dollars in sales with her clients.  Known for helping Entrepreneurs uncover their “business blindspots”, Hera's real, raw and transparent way of explaining things is a refreshing take on how to keep up with the evolution of Sales + Marketing as we know it!

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