Beyond the Fear

#4: Connecting with Your Creative Spirit Through Solo Travel with Brie Stockwell

December 21, 2022 Nadine Zumot Season 1 Episode 4
Beyond the Fear
#4: Connecting with Your Creative Spirit Through Solo Travel with Brie Stockwell
Show Notes

Award-winning photographer, Brie Stockwell, joined me today to chat about how being in solitude can reconnect us with our Creative Spirit. 
 Brie and I connected online last year over our love of White Sands National Park, NM. And after chatting for months we found that we have lots in common! For example,  both Brie and I created our businesses as a result of solo trips which allowed a deeper connection with ourselves and with our intuition, resulting in us sharing our gifts and purpose with the world! 
 Brie openly shares her beautiful story about how, as a reward to herself for raising 4 children to adulthood, she gifted herself a solo road trip... which in turned out to be an awakening of her creative expression as a photographer, artist, and confidence coach for creatives! 
 Such a heartwarming story and I cannot wait for all of you to listen. 

Listen to this episode if: 

  • You love to travel, especially solo travel!.
  • You are someone who is led by their creative spirit.
  • You often have “out there” or “crazy” urges or nudges that come from your intuition, but feel reluctant to follow through on them.
  • Want to see what can happen if you do follow through! 

Brie Stockwell is a photographer, musician, and lifelong creative. Home for her is currently in Austin, TX with her husband, dog, and various adult children that come and go. She hikes, camps and road trips any chance she gets!
 She values making connections with community through social media, youtube, her podcast “A Creative Affair” with Len Metcalf and in her small group coaching programs.
 Brie loves her work as a certified mindset and confidence coach for creatives. For her, creating confidence started when she did the work to achieve an impossible goal of hosting her own exhibition as a new photographer. She believes confidence isn’t something you’re born with, it’s something you create!
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