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#3: Rule #1: Never Settle!

December 13, 2022 Nadine Zumot Season 1 Episode 3
The Money Healing Podcast
#3: Rule #1: Never Settle!
Show Notes

Your desires, however unrealistic or outrageous, are something you cannot afford to ignore anymore! 

- Do you feel guilty about following your whims and desires?

- Do you put off or postpone following your desires until XYZ happens.

Ever since we are young we are told to be more sensible and responsible, especially when it comes to our passions and desires. As adults, we are conditioned to ignore any intuitive hits or subtle nudges that don’t make sense… 

But what if this is the way your Soul speaks to you? 
What if ignoring your desires is the very thing that is creating a lack of fulfillment and the mindless spending of your time, money and energy? 
And what if your desires are the doorway to your life’s purpose? And how does your trauma fit in with all this?

Listen to this episode to learn:

  • The difference between authentic desires vs trauma desires.
  • How your trauma can block you from your intuition… but how your trauma is not a disadvantage, because your trauma and your life’s purpose are actually intertwined. 
  • The definition of life purpose. 
  • How your life purpose can become unique to you. 
  • How to start shifting the way you view your desires, curiosites and intuitive hits. 
  • How are your Life Purpose + Money related? 
  • How your desires are actually a way for you to heal your trauma. 

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