The Money Healing Podcast

#1: Who the F*ck is Nadine Zumot?!

November 27, 2022 Nadine Zumot Season 1 Episode 1
The Money Healing Podcast
#1: Who the F*ck is Nadine Zumot?!
Show Notes

Welcome back to Beyond the Fear! 

In this episode I will be sharing stories from my past and snippets of my own healing journey to demonstrate how our childhood circumstances, even if those that are not money-relate, can still impact your relationship with money as an adult, and how your attachment and childhood core wounding is the blueprint for all your relationships, including the one you have with money! 

Episode highlights:

  • What money really represents to those of us  who have childhood wounds. 
  • How even if you grew up rich, or had the best childhood and the most doting parents, you can still have trauma around money.
  • How not receiving safety, unconditional love and acceptance in childhood could be the root cause of your money dynamics as an adult. 
  • How making more money can amplify your financial anxiety and scarcity instead of making it better, and how to shift that pattern. 
  • Busting the myth that not spending money makes us good with money, and how in certain cases, going on a budget can actually re-trigger your trauma!
  • Why naming our sabotaging behaviors “limiting beliefs” is toxic.
  • What life looks like on the other side of healing our trauma. 
  • How applying a holistic approach to healing your money wounds will also help  heal attachment wounds and core childhood wounds, and reconnect you with your intuition and life purpose! 
  • Journal prompts to get your started on uncovering your own money story!

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