The Money Healing Podcast

Welcome to Beyond the Fear!

November 27, 2022 Nadine Zumot Season 1
The Money Healing Podcast
Welcome to Beyond the Fear!
Show Notes

Welcome to Beyond the Fear podcast!

A space for rebels and dreamers
Healers, and soul seekers…
Lightworkers and rule breakers
Artists and creators
Who are ready to break free from fear, and live a life that turns them on!!!!

Are you someone who KNOWS you are meant for more, and wants to break free from the prescribed path and embrace a life that is led by your soul and your purpose but your fear and confusion around money keep you stuck?

Well then, this podcast is just for you!

Hello! My name is Nadine Zumot and I am thrilled to be hosting this new podcast that is designed to help you reconnect with your authentic power and your intuition. In this episode I will be giving you a taste of my approach to money healing, an overview of why money feels so triggering, and a general outline of what to look forward to in this first season of Beyond The Fear and how this podcast is going to help you kickstart your money healing journey. 

In this episode, you will learn: 

  • Why all the budgeting and money mindset work you do never sticks  (hint: it’s NOT because you are broken or bad with money!)
  • How money healing has nothing to do with restriction, discipline or even your mindset!
  • What is money healing and how it is different from spiritual bypassing.
  • Why money triggers you and makes you feel irrationally emotional.
  • The link between trauma healing and our connection with our intuition and life’s purpose. 
  • Why healing money wounds becomes a non-negotiable after a spiritual awakening.
  • The difference between trying to” fix” your life from the outside in, versus healing  from the inside out. 
  • How healing our money and scarcity wounds is deeper than dollars. 

I hope you enjoy this episode!

xx Nadine

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